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Why Should You Consider 3D Printing for Jigs and Fixtures?

Why Should You Consider 3D Printing for Jigs and Fixtures?

Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, has been revolutionizing the production processes. Putting aside the high-end additive manufacturing technology, the basic Fused filament Fabrication (FFF) technology has been adopted by diverse industries around the world from automotive engineering to health and beauty industry. Companies are using 3D printing to reduce their production costs, accelerate time to market and outpace their competitors.

Factories and workshops of many big brands used 3D printing as their manufacturing aids to streamline their production. Without any tooling, you can 3D print jigs, fixtures and quality gauges in-house quickly to facilitate the machine setup faster, reduce deviations during fitting and assembly.

Jigs and Fixtures are used to hold parts securely therefore they are customized to different product design and no one jig and fixture fits all purpose or product. For companies without internal tooling department, outsourcing to external vendor results in longer lead times and additional cost as well as placing your manufacturing at the mercy of the external vendor. The most terrifying moment is when there’s design changes and the cycle of the modification will start over again, causing delay in product delivery.

Why should you consider 3D printing?

With in-house 3D printing, you have the flexibility to modify the design changes and modification schedule under your control. At this intermediate stage of 3D printing, more and more advanced engineering materials are available in the market with wide range of properties such as toughness, strength, flexibility, heat resistance and chemical resistance that suit your requirements.

New jig and fixtures to suit the product changes can be 3D printed easily in hours in-house.


  • Get ahead of your competitor making use of the advantage of 3D printing technology
  • Low production costs without purchasing raw materials for the jig and fixtures as well as tooling cost
  • Customizable to suit the needs of each product design at minimal cost
  • Lead-time reduction from weeks to days by transforming from traditional fabrication to 3D printing
  • Cost efficient, improve assembly line yield and production efficiency with quality 3D printed ergonomic manufacturing aids


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