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What can you 3D print with your FDM printer at home during this COVID-19?

What can you 3D print with your FDM printer at home during this COVID-19?

Many of the countries had been lockdown and we have plenty of time at home beside working from home, what can we do?

Take this opportunity to print your accessories with your FDM 3D printer if you have one at home and too busy last time to do any 3D printing.

Sharing with you three of the projects that you can find at Thingiverse by many creative designers.


1. Covid-19 Mask v2 by lafactoria3d

Running out of mask?

Had you been thinking whether we can 3D print our own mask. Now with the creative models designed by Lafactoria3D, you can download their STL file and give it a try at home.


2. COVID-19 Bobble Virus by DrLex

Putting away the negative image of Covid-19, a contagious virus that affecting the whole world.

Don’t you think the look of the virus looks like Dandelion?

Have you been wondering whether we are able to print the spike using FDM printer?

Give it a try now. Give it to your friends and family as memorable souvenir after this pandemic over. For everyone of us experiencing this pandemic will always remember 2020.

To assembly the bobble virus, you need a 6 mm diameter, 50 mm length spring.


3. 2020 Never Forget COVID 19 Corona Virus Trophy by HostagePotatoChips

Why? No one can explain why is everyone snatching toilet papers in the world during lockdown.

Therefore, this trophy is another memorable item in 2020 for COVID-19.

The designer designed the hole of this toilet roll to the actual cardboard diameter of the toilet roll so that you can easily place the cardboard after printing.


Do you have any ideas or designs that you would like to share?

Do you have your own design that you would like to 3D print and looking for 3D printing services, you can Ginkgo3D for 3D printing services.



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