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Using ESD-Safe Materials for 3D Printing

Using ESD-Safe Materials for 3D Printing

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the transfer of electricity between electrically charged objects and the static charges will result in damaging the semiconductor devices caused by an electrical short or dielectric breakdown or touched by an item that is charged or conductive.

With the advancement in 3D printing, many manufacturers start implementing 3D printing as part of their manufacturing aids, end-use parts or components for their semiconductor devices therefore it is important to consider materials that are ESD-safe if they are using for semiconductor devices to reduce the discharge of static electricity and prevent damage to products.

Another advantage of 3D printing your parts with ESD-safe materials is safety and worry-free.

ESD-safe materials are created by combining an optimized base material with an additive therefore the base material is the key. Usually, the base materials used are ABS, PET-G or PC and these base materials will determine the properties such as flexibility or strength of the finished part. Choose the right base material is an important decision for your application.

The common additives used to create ESD-safe materials are carbon black and carbon nanotubes that has only small effect on the properties of the material making it more efficiency.

Clariant ESD safe PET-G is strong, tough, impact-resistant material with good chemical resistance that is suitable for manufacturing environment such as product testing, manufacturing aids and other parts that require ESD protection.

3DXSTAT™ ESD-PETG is chemical resistance, consistent surface resistivity and low particulate contamination, made using high flow PETG copolymer and CNT to offer exceptional repeatability and reliability suitable for critical applications which require ESD protection such as HDD components, connectors, wafer handling, conveying, metering, jigs and sensing applications.

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