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“Think Out Of The Box” 3D Printing for Jewellery

“Think Out Of The Box” 3D Printing for Jewellery

Talking about 3D printing, many tends to think that 3D printing can print anything and everything but it is not true. There are some design consideration that designers need to take note of and the printing orientation of the model during the slicing preparation.

If you noticed in many of the 3D printed jewellery, many beginners got started by 3D printing simple earrings or pendants that can be easily fabricated using traditional method or handcraft.

The easiest way to design your jewellery piece by designing in 2D and extrude with a thickness to form into 3D model and 3D print it. This comes into a great help if you design and make your own jewellery but if you are planning to sell them, it tends to be a threat because the design is too simple and can be fabricated using traditional method at a much cheaper cost compared to 3D printed.

To bring out the beauty of 3D printing and taking advantage of the benefit of 3D printing, the jewellery design need to create one of the kind designs that cannot be fabricated easily with traditional method to bring up the value of 3D printing. Another benefit of 3D printing jewellery is the future of personalized fine jewellery with quality standards.

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Personalized Pendant – image credits to Sculpteo

3D printing enables minimize waste, no minimum order quantity and allow creative and complex designs away from traditional manufacturing technics.

Other than direct metal 3D printing of the jewellery, you can also use 3D printing for master patterns for lost wax casting process.

Designers no longer limited by the constraint manufacturing design and materials, 3D printing technologies is growing its popularity in jewellery industry.

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