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The Futuristic of Food with 3D Printing

The Futuristic of Food with 3D Printing

We have heard and seen various 3D food printing used for beverages, pasta, cakes, candies and many more. These next-generation kitchen helpers enable the chefs to print interesting meals and food design.

We had also heard of 3D bioprinting used for medical and healthcare. Have you heard of bio 3D printing for food?

Today we are going to share with you the future for 3D printed sushi using biological samples.

Sushi Singularity, a concept Japanese restaurant planning to open in Tokyo in 2020, involving three high-tech concepts – Food Fabrication Machine, Food Operation System and Health Identification to create a hyper-personalization nourishment sushi for individuals.

Customer will submit individual test such as DNA, urine and intestinal test data and the restaurant will analyze and nutritional matching to match the nourishment needs with biometrics to provide the customer with optimal diet sushi.

With wide range of food ingredient cartridges containing sustainable food ingredients such as seaweed and crickets which will mix with water, fiber and enzymes for the output. There are 14 types of nutrition ingredients available for add-on based on the health ID. Using their bespoke 3D printers and artificial lights farms to 3D print the sushi.

Video credit to 3DP id.arts

Cyber Wagashi were developed using a proprietary algorithm based on weather data and formed shapes through the use of 3D printer as an initiative aimed at realizing the concept of super futuristic restaurants. These created was served for one month beginning on February 29th 2020 at THE MOON restaurant located at Roppongi Hills as part of Media Ambition Tokyo program.

Both concepts are part of OPEN MEALS’ projects. OPEN MEALS is a creative group that aims to convey the future of food experiences and create new food industries through research of the intersection between food technology and art and joint creations with companies and universities across industries and domains.

All images credit to Open Meals

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