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More Than One Way – Christmas Gifts for 2018

More Than One Way – Christmas Gifts for 2018

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town.

Christmas is around the corner!!

It’s time to start shopping for your gifts for your loved ones and friends. Here are some awesome gifts for consideration.


1. The Rotating Stars

What can you do with this Rotating Stars? Hang them on the Christmas Tree? How about print them in different colour and hang them on the ceiling? Imagine walking into a room full of stars on this christmas day. After Christmas, you can wear them as necklace or decoration on your handbag.


2. The Mask

Having Christmas party? Usually the masks you find at retail shops will cover most of the face. Introducing this wire-frame mask to you. You can print this mask in different color and add decoration on it. You can design each and every mask differently. Give these unique masks to your friends at the party. What can they do with mask after the party? Hang it on the wall as decoration.


3. The Pigeons & Bird

You can print in different colour/size and hang on your Christmas tree or add a chain to it and give to your friends as necklace. As a wall decoration, you can print bigger and hang it on the wall.


4. The Tree

Is this a pendant or earring? This Faceted Tree can be a pendant or earrings. To use as a decoration to your bag or keychain, you can print them in different colour/size and tie them together.


Write to us if you are interested in the above gifts or you can also customize your own gifts.


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