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How To Enhance Your FFF 3D Printed Parts Be Waterproof/ Watertight?

How To Enhance Your FFF 3D Printed Parts Be Waterproof/ Watertight?

Before deciding on the methods or workaround to enhance our FFF 3D printed parts to be waterproof or watertight, we need to understand their differences.

Waterproof means the 3D printed part will not be affected by water whereas watertight means that water will not enter or leak from the 3D printed part.

Usually, we are always referring to waterproof 3D printed part so that it can withstand the rain and humid climate outdoor.

There are some 3D printing materials that are more reactive to water which will likely to cause the 3D printed parts to deform when it contacted with water or humid climate, hence, choosing the right material for your part is important.

Materials with good water-resistant materials are:

  • PETG
  • PP
  • PPGF30
  • ABS

But the commonly use materials like PLA is not water-resistant.

Let us a look what are some of the ways to make PLA and ABS waterproof:

1. Reducing the gap between layers

  • Increase the wall thickness and infill percentage
  • Increase layer height
  • Increase flow rate of extruding material
  • Increase printing temperature
  • Using wider nozzle diameter

2. Postprocessing

  • Applying wax
  • Applying epoxy or clear coat
  • Using acetone to smooth surface on ABS


Hope this helps.

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