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Customization Or Personalization?

Customization Or Personalization?

What’s the difference?

Customization is to modify something to suit your needs. Personalization is to tailor-made something to suit your needs.

Commonly, we mixed up between customized and personalized. They may sound similar but they have different.

They are different but they achieve the same goal. Confuse?

In short, the difference between customization and personalization lies on the process. Customization is usually done by user to modify products to meet their specific needs. Whereas personalization is usually done by user to design or tailor products to meet their specification, needs or preferences.

Regardless whether you want to customize or personalize or in dilemma whether to use customize or personalize when during enquiry?

No worries! Just approach us with “CusPer” and we will CusPer for you.

It’s also Customer Personalize.

Ginkgo3D are here to CusPer all your 3D printing needs.


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