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8 Things You Should Buy for National Day

8 Things You Should Buy for National Day

The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on August 9. This holiday features a National Day Parade, an address by the Prime Minister of Singapore, and fireworks celebrations.

Singapore turns 54th this year! Ginkgo3D Team would like to wish Singapore a Happy 54th Birthday!!

You might be looking for something extra-special, a one-off piece that none of your friends has. Finding unique gifts can be tough and frustrating, but 3D printing can help you ease your worries this National Day.

Here, we have some of our favourite 3D printed gifts for you to surprises all your loved ones this National Day.

1. SG Love Pendant

In the month of August, show our love for Singapore with this “Love for Singapore” pendant. Get this lovely pendant for yourself, your friends and family now.

2. Orchid Flower Jewellery

Singapore is the only country to have a hybrid as National Orchid flower – chosen in part to represent Singapore’s uniqueness and hybrid culture.

A real orchid flower represents strength and beauty, making it the perfect symbol to carry close to your heart for any occasion. Imagine yourself wearing these orchid jewellery that express your great love.

3. National symbol of Singapore

This pendant is the National Symbol of Singapore. It symbolises courage, strength and excellence, as well as resilience in the face of challenges. It is red against a white background – the colours of the national flag. Its mane’s five partings represent the same five ideals that are embodied in the five stars of the national flag, namely democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. Its red mane symbolises the nation’s single-minded resolve to rise to any challenges and overcome any obstacles.

These adorable symbol pendants are just too attractive design.

Get this pendant to wear for yourself.

4. Marina Bay Sand Pendant

This pendant is a perfect souvenir from Singapore. It was designed as a tribute to Singapore’s icon shown Marina Bay Sands are present in this pendant to remind you of a wonderful time.

5. Happy 54th Birthday Pendant

Limited edition! We cannot turn the clock back; this Birthday Wishes Pendant is only available in 2019.

Get it now and celebrate with our beloved Singapore.

6. Singapore Map Pendant

These pendants symbolise Singapore. Although we are a Little Red Dot but we are proud to see the growing and transforming evolution of Singapore over the years.

7. Singapore Icon Ring

Specially designed for Singapore and its cultures, consisting of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, ArtScience Museum, as well as the sentimentally iconic Dragon Slides found at many of the playgrounds in heartland areas.

Get this ring to your friend and family.

8. Trolley Coin

Marketing at supermarket, what do we need before we can take the trolley?

Yes. $1 coin.

These trolley coins save you when you are in need. When you need a trolley at the supermarket but discovered that you do not have $1 coin in your wallet and you cannot use the trolley?

Now you can get these 3D Printed Trolley Coin and carry them every day with you. Give to your family and friends as a gift for National Day Celebration.



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