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3D Printing Products To Look Out For in 2019

3D Printing Products To Look Out For in 2019

3D printing products project the feeling to most people that the products will be expensive, only for engineers and industrial use. But 3D printing products can be for everyone. In this revolutionary world, our life style change and we can make use of this technology and design products for our daily use.

Here are 12 amazing products you can print with 3D printing, they are not for display only, they are functional and useful design that helps in our life. If you do not have 3D printer, you can contact us for enquiry.


1) Cable Protector

Why do you need this?

Often when we are charging our phone, most of our cable tends to break when we unplug from our phone after some time. You can consider printing these cable protector to protect the cable.

2) Headphone Stand / Earring Stand

Why do you need this?

With this headphone stand, you can rest your headphone neatly and also save space. You can customize the design to your preference.

3) 2 Pin Helper

Why do you need this?

The 2-pin cover that we found at the hardware shop are usually bulky and we usually will not bring it along with us. How about this small and portable pin, you can bring along with you everyday in your coin pouch or bag. We will never know when we need it but it will always be there for you when you need it.

You can find this 2 Pin Helper in our G3D shop or contact us for enquiry.

4) Earpiece Storage / Mobile Stand

Why you need this?

Do you feel frustrating untangle the earpiece especially when you urgently need to use the earpiece? With this compact mobile stand, you can wrap your earpiece neatly without tangle your cable.

You can find this 2-in-1 Earpiece Storage cum Mobile Stand in our G3D shop or contact us for enquiry.

5) Drone Accessories

Why do you need this?

These protector accessories are very useful especially when you want to make a bike trip video, you can mount the controller to the bicycle handlebar. You can also mount your drones on the wall as decoration when you are not using them. The Gimbal Holder protect your Gimbal when not in use

You can find these drone accessories in our G3D shop or contact us for customise design.

6) Phone Case

Why do you need this?

Doesn’t like the common phone casing in the market? Why not personalize your phone casing with your unique design and it will be the one and only one in the world. With 3D printing, you can design it with complex 3D design. You can choose from different color and materials.

Contact Ginkgo3D for personalize your phone casing now.

7) Mobile Holder on Laptop

Why do you need this?

Multi-tasking make easy with this mobile holder on the laptop.

You can find this Mobile Holder on Laptop in our G3D shop or contact us for enquiry.

8) Phone Charger Holder

Why you need this?

No table or shelf to place your phone during charging? The cable is not long enough to reach the floor to put the phone on?

This allows you to place your phone near to the power point during charging. This holder fit the size of the iPhone charger and Samsung charger.

You can find these Phone Charger Holders in our G3D shop or contact us for enquiry.

9) Pen/Pencil Holder

Why do you need this?

Bored of the cylinder pencil holder? You can consider designing your pencil holder in any shape and size. This creative pencil holder can be a display too.

10) Personalize Keychain

Why do you need this?

Personalize your keychain with cool and unique design. Play with different fonts, colours and you can create your own logo.

Ginkgo3D provides 3D printing services to print your keychain if you do not have any 3D printer.

11) Cable Holder

Why do you need this?

We have too many cables for different gadgets and they may be too messy lying around on the desk. Organise the cables with individual cable holders, giving your workspace a simple and neat feeling.

12) Bottle Opener

Why do you need this?

You can now uncap the bottle with one hand now. This bottle opener allows you to uncap the bottle easily.

Contact Ginkgo3D for enquiry.




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