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3D Printing for Production Line

3D Printing for Production Line

Leveraging on the benefits of 3D printing, companies can maximize their efficiency with 3D printed tools, jigs and fixtures. We will be sharing with you some of the benefits of 3D printing and how does it maximize the efficiency.

Jig and Fixtures

You can reduce manufacturing costs by producing strong and reliable 3D printed jigs and fixtures on demand that meets your specifications. It is also possible to create highly complex designs and make rapid amendments and revisions without long lead time.

Volkswagen Autoeuropa used to rely on external suppliers for their tools, jigs and fixtures but it often took several weeks to process the mock-up and fabricate the tools. Outsourcing proved to be expensive and if there is any design amendments required, it held up the production and affecting the workflow.

Volkswagen Autoeuropa adopted the change of using 3D printing with Ultimaker 3D printers in operation to produce 93% of all externally manufactured tools in-house. With the transition of 3D printing, Volkswagen Autoeuropa saved 91% in tool development costs and reduced development time by 95%.

Volkswagen Autoeuropa used Ultimaker 3D Printers for their tools, jigs and fixtures shrinks lead times and development costs.

Quality Assurance

Besides jigs and fixtures, 3D printing also allows you to create your own high-precision gauges and 3D printed tools to test and inspect the quality and accuracy of production parts.

Tool Organizers

You can also 3D printed customize tool organizers and streamline the factory floor with lean and efficient working environment with everything in the right place.

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