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3D Printing for Medicines

3D Printing for Medicines

We have seen and heard about 3D printing on medical models for surgical and educational purpose, prosthetic, tissues with blood vessels, medical equipment and many more.

What if we can 3D print our own medicines and supplements?

It may sound new in 3D printing but actually there are many companies, scientists and pharmacists in the medical industry already started personalized supplements and medicines in the last few years.

Craft Health from Singapore, validated and tested against established standards, was co-founded by Goh Wei Jiang – CEO and Registered Pharmacist, and Lim Seng Han – COO and Registered Pharmacist. Both are registered Pharmacist. Craft Health allows consumers to personalized supplements and medicines prescribed by our doctor. They combine all the medicines into a daily pill. With 3D printing, they are able to print tablets of various shapes and geometries using their propriety formulations. Ideal for fast prototyping of solid dosage form.



Few years back, Prof. Lee Cronin from University of Glasgow, shared at TED about “Print your own medicine”. He described about a prototype 3D printer that can assembly chemical compounds at the molecular level where patients can go online store with their digital prescription. They can buy the blueprint and the chemical ink and print it at home.


Melissa Snover, founder of Magic Candy Factory whom allows customers to 3D print their own candy, whom many of us in the 3D printing industry may heard or known her, now dedicate her full time and attention to Nourish3d. Nourish3d creates customized gummy supplements packed with seven vitamins and nutrients based on customers’ responses to an online questionnaire about their lifestyle. The 3D printed supplements are sugar-free, nut-free, allergen-free, halal and kosher.


Multiply Labs applied 3D printing to the manufacturing pharmaceutical capsule containing different supplements or products that will release at different times. They 3D print the compartment with a very thin wall which will release the product within 30 minutes. They can add to the same capsule another compartment, up to 4 or 5 compartments, with a thicker wall that is capable of containing the supplement for 2 hours.

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