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3D Printing for Home Decoration

3D Printing for Home Decoration

Are you looking for unique decoration for your living room that you cannot find in the retails? With 3D printing, you can now design and decorate your house with your dream ideas. After a long day, the feeling of stepping into your dream house will sooth away all the tiredness.

Here are some of the wall decorations and designs for your plants.


1. 3D Printed Clips

Instead of hiding the hook behind the poster or painting, how about design your unique clips? These 3D Printed Hands, called Handvas by Nadia Ahmad, allow you to attach them onto the wall to hold up poster or painting.

2. Wall Sculptures

These 3D Printed Wall Sculptures are designed by Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques, the founders and artists for 3D printing interior creations.  In the day time, you can use them as wall decoration and in the night time, with the glowing lights, it creates a beauty of the animals.

These 3D printed animal heads are created by Dotsan; a 3D product design agency that uses 3D printing for their products. These wall decoration are available in various sizes that suit your space.

3. 3D Printed Vases & Pots

Are you worrying that 3D Printed Vases will cause water leaking? No worries, these 3D Printed Vases, designed by Design Libero, are the combination of upcycling of PET bottle and 3D printing. The exterior design of the vases are 3D printed with an inner neck fillet that can be screwed onto a bottle like a cap.

These 3D printed modern geometric wood planters, designed by Minimum Design, allow you to put your pots inside. They are made from vegetal and eco-friendly material, a combination of bioplastic made from corn (70%) and recycled wood (30%), is a durable, sustainable 100% biodegradable material.

If you prefer to plant directly onto the 3D Printed Planter, these Geometric 3D Printed Stacking Planters, designed by PrintFutura are the best choice for you. These Plantygon planters have a sloped inner drain that link to the holes for draining purpose.



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