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3D Printing For Hobbies Lovers

3D Printing For Hobbies Lovers

It’s a sunny and windy afternoon and on this day, I was lazy to go out and just wanted to sit at my balcony and enjoy my cup of coffee. Daydreaming at the blue sky, I heard children playing with their nerf guns at the open field and they drifted my attention to their cheerful and happy laughter.

I started to look around the neighborhood, seeing people zooming around in their e-scooters, parent fetching their children in bicycles and neighbours watering their plants at the corridor.

Imagination starts picturing in my mind…

1. Nerf Gun

What if the children lost their components in their nerf guns? Are their parents going to buy a brand new nerf gun for them? What if they can just design and 3D print their missing component?

With 3D printing and CAD software, you can simply replace any component now.


2. Water Bottle Holder for Bicycles and E-Scooters

With 3D printing, you can now design your unique water bottle holders on your bicycles and e-scooters with your initials or names on it. You can also design varies water bottle holders and switch them every few days.

2. For plants lovers

With 3D printing, you can now design your unique vase or pot for your beloved plants. Imagine standing in front of all your beloved plants sitting in your unique pots and vases in your balcony is such a beautiful picture.

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