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3D Printing For Fishing

3D Printing For Fishing

We had seen many examples of 3D Printing been used on hobbies such as drone and photography.

Do you know that it had been used for fishing too?

Let us share with you some of the fishing accessories designed by the fishing enthusiasts and printed using 3D printing.


1. The Bioluminescence by Hunter Irving

Irving 3D printed the replica using Hatchbox’s Green Glow in the Dark PLA filament. In Irving’s blog post, he mentioned “After about 30 minutes of fishing, we caught so many that we got tired of taking pictures.”


2. The Swimbait fishing Lure by Domi1988

This easy print and build swimbait looks like real fish swimming in the water. Dominik Lutzenberger shared the assembly instructions in his Thingiverse page.


3. 3D Printed Fly Reel by Sthone

This is a simple Click and Pawl drag design reel. For the drag after hook up, it was designed that enable you to use your hand on the out spool edge to control the drag if needed to.

4. Fully Printable Fishing Rod by Casey Johnson

This fully portable 3D printed fishing rod is great for hiking or camping as it is small enough that you can bring along anytime. The spool can be configured for either left-handed or right-handed when you assembled it.

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