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3D Printing for Bicycle

3D Printing for Bicycle

The beauty of 3D printing bicycle is customizable. Many companies in the bicycle industry had been working with 3D printing technology to set new standards and designs.

Here are some of the bicycle frames and accessories for cyclists.

1. Urwahn Bike

Urwahn has plenty of different 3D printed bicycle frames made out of a variety of materials, including titanium, carbon fiber and even recyclable PLA. Urwahn used steel for its frames, 3D printing them on Concept Laser printers with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology.

2. Arevo Bicycle

High-end commuter bike made the fully functional bicycle with material that’s stronger than titanium and really hard to break. The bicycle frame was made in one piece and took about two weeks to build the bike, which is a lot quicker than the usual labor-intensive method of piecing together carbon fiber strips.

3. The Continuous Loop Bike

Steve Jenkins offered a new dimension to artistic design with 3D printed futuristic bicycle. It gives the feeling of being an infinite loop that we could not distinguish the beginning or end of the bicycle. The frame of this bicycle was made in one piece through 3D printing. Additive manufacturing significantly reduce the final weight of the bicycle while providing an aesthetic with a vision of the future.

4. Luna Bike

Partial of the bike frame looks like an exaggerated honeycomb that has the benefit of functionality, affordability and appearance. The frame, front-fork, and handle bars are 3D printed with nylon using SLS technology.

5. Kinazo eBike

Using a powerful printer for metals, Patrik Paul, CEO and co-founder of Slovakia-based Kinazo Design, realized his dream and built, in partnership with Volkswagen, the Kinazo ENDURO e1, a new electric mountain bike. The bike frame’s individual components are customizable and designers are able to match each frame to a customer’s particular needs with differences in size, wall thickness, inside structures or other specifications.

6. Empire Cycles Bike

MX-6 Evo bike frame is 3D printed in titanium alloy that is over a third lighter than a traditional frame, thus increases in design flexibility while reducing production costs using topological optimisation. The weight of the bicycle reduced to 1400 grams, which is 33 percent lighter than the previous 2100 grams.

7. Arc Bike

With the look of Spiderman, Arc bike was made of strong, silvery webbing somehow holding together tires, seat and handlebars. The first-ever metal bicycle to be produced using a 3D printing and welding process, known as Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing, or WAAM, specialty of MX3D.

8. 3D Printed Airless Bicycle Tire

This airless tire, made from flexible TPU material, is the work of designer Marco Mattia Cristofori. It can be customized in terms of treads, whether for paths from pavement to mountain trails as well as the wheel size.

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