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3D Printed Wedding Accessories

3D Printed Wedding Accessories

Are you feeling excited towards your wedding day, at the same time looking for accessories that will make you look great? You may consider the latest 3D printed wedding accessories. Sometimes, it’s tough to search for accessories to match your theme; 3D printing is there for you. It allows you to customize your unique bespoke design to match your wedding theme.

Below are some of the accessories you can consider for your wedding day, you can contact Ginkgo3D for enquiry:


1. Cufflinks

In most wedding, the bride and her wedding accessories are always the main focus and you may think that the groom is not important. Actually the groom and his suit are equally important because it’s the big day for both the bride and the groom.

Design a set of unique cufflinks for the groom’s suit to complement the jewellery of the bride. Asides to the groom, you may consider giving a set of personalize and unique cufflinks to your bestman and ushers to show your appreciation for their help on your wedding day.

With the help of 3D printing, you can create any characters, shapes and logo from a wide range of materials such as gold, bronze, silver, steel and even nylon.

2. Bow Tie

Traditionally in the market, bow ties come in different fabric and colours. Are you looking for unique and customize bow tie that you cannot find in the store to stand out among the crowd? Using 3D printing, you can design any shape and design of your bow tie to match you wedding theme and suit. I’m sure you will share the same attention with the bride.

3. Boutonniere 

Usually the boutonniere on the groom’s suit is from the flower of the bride’s bouquet to symbolize his ties to the bride. While flowers are the traditional choice for boutonniere, the grooms nowadays can be found wearing other types of design that are meaningful to the couple. If you want something unique for your boutonniere, you can consider design and 3D printed your design for you, your bestman, your father and father-in-law.

4. Pendant, Earring & Bracelet

Finding the suitable accessories to match your bridesmaids’ dress and wedding theme may not be easy. You can consider giving your bridesmaids each a unique 3D printed pendant, earrings or bracelet as appreciation for their help on your wedding day.

You can find these Vessel Pendant, Spiral Earrings and Gilt Laurel Bracelet in our G3D shop or contact us for enquiry.

5. Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands are your lifetime companions. Are you struggling to find the perfect ring to symbolize your love? You can design a personalized set of wedding bands that belong to both of your abiding love.

3D printing allows you to print them in gold, rose gold, platinum and many more.

Signify your love and proclaim your devotion with a personalized full jewellery set of wedding bands, pendant, earrings and bracelet for your wedding day.

Contact Ginkgo3D for customize your wedding jewellery set now.

6. Figurine

The wedding figurines from Precious Moments are one of the top choice we will think of for a wedding gift. Each porcelain figurine serves as a reminder of the incredible love they share. Wouldn’t it be great if you and your spouse have your customized wedding figurines as cake topper and you can keepsake it as a reminder of your promise of love to one another for a lifetime?

You can also delight this wedding gift for your friends to treasure for years. ProJet ColorJet 3D Printer allows you to print the figurines in full CMYK colour.

7. Floral Crown

Wedding Crown or Tiara is one of the most important wedding accessories that capture your unique style that match your wedding gown and wedding theme. You can now design your unique sets of stunning crown and tiara for the bride and bridesmaids.



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