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3D Food Printing

3D Food Printing

3D food printing is a new way of food preparation by the additive manufacturing technology. With the flexibility of creating our own ingredients, we can have healthy and unique dishes for everyone.

In this revolutionary world of 3D food printing, 3D Food Printer is the future of the kitchen, allowing us to change the way how our food is prepared and customize and personalize according to our needs.

 Check out these 5 amazing food 3D printed foods.



Marijn Roovers’s co-owner of the NXT LVL for food culture, printed this chocolate globe. This chocolate globe was built up layer by layer of 0.2mm chocolate using a 3D. Look at the design, it is very detailed on both inside and outside of the chocolate globe; with one portion of the chocolate area filled with gold. The internal of the global has some empty pockets for additional ingredients such as sweets or nuts.

2. Magic Candy Factory

Magic Candy Factory is founded by Katjes Fassin’s team which is the world’s first 3D gummy candy printer. Candy lovers can create shapes, messages, hand-drawn designs and even portraits in 3D gummy candy print within five minutes. The ingredients of the candy are made from vegetable based gelling agents and they are all natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

3. Natural Machine

Beside chocolates and candy, you can also create healthy food with Foodini 3D Printer. Foodini is a professional 3D food printer made by natural machine helping people around the world to elevate their creative food potential. Foodini 3D Printer has been used by restaurants, food service providers, food manufacturers, education and research institutes, nutrition and health companies and many more.

4. by Flow

ByFlow is another 3D Chocolate Printer from Netherlands that enables professionals to create customized shapes, textures and flavours using fresh ingredients. It had been used by Top Chefs like Jan Smink, Caterers, Bakeries, Chocolatiers and Food Designers, who want to experiment with shapes and amaze their customers. These 3D chocolates printed are dedicated sweet and tasty.

5. The Sugar Lab

The Sugar Lab created by Kyle and Liz von Hasseln in Los Angeles, created and produced amazing array of delicious goodies in 3D geometric form using another 3D Food Printer where the ingredients are made with flavoured materials including chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cheery, and watermelon.

We hope to see more 3D Food Printers in the market; introducing lots of amazing and creative dishes to everyone.



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